RE: Technical = Coder; Definition of “Technical” can be rewritten.

I was reading an article on HN today that was titled Technical = Coder. Non-Technical = Non-Coder. You should have a read if you haven’t already. In the article the author says that people who cannot code should not call themselves ”Technical” when talking to investors or otherwise.

I agree with the gist of the article but I believe there are better ways to put the argument such that it does not disrespect people of other professions that can also come under the ”Technical” heading since the word itself changes meaning with the context.

So after reading comments at the article and HN, I have come up with two definitions of the word ”technical” that would seem to be more suitable in today’s start-up scene.

FirstThe person has a professional level knowledge and/or experience in the field that the start-up primarily deals with.

SecondIf all of company’s assets* were to be taken away, the company can still produce the MVP with the said person and his personal resources** only.

* Like bank balance, employees, work-space, etc, excluding founders.
** Like knowledge, experience, home computer/laptop, etc.

If you fit the above definitions you are technical. I however think the second definition is more appropriate, although the first one cannot be discarded either.